Tuesday, August 30, 2016


They say it takes 28 days to make something a habit. So how long does it take to make someone an afterthought? "Charlotte" and I have known each other for the better part of 20 years and over the course of that friendship we have been almost everything to each other. As time goes on and people get older, wants, needs and desires changes. Slowly, we have been drifting further and further apart. Recently, over the course of about two months, we have gone from speaking every day to having not spoken with each other in a month. It would have been even longer than that, but I shouted her out on her birthday. The interesting part of this whole thing is that I am ok with it. Two things I realize more and more as I grow up, less is more when it comes to friends and drama and if a person is not adding to your life, they are holding you back. Our friendship has constantly evolved and in my opinion, much like with The Doctor before her, it has reached its conclusion. No hard feelings, no ill will, just a realization that things will never be like they used to be, and again, I'm ok with that.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Musings - August 29, 2016

As I sit here sipping this coffee (yes, I have started drinking coffee again, and with all fue respect to Starbucks, nothing beats 7-11's French Vanilla in my book. This new commute and earlier start to my day is kicking my ass, but the new job and pay increase makes it all feel better. More on that in a later post) and reflecting on my weekend, I have a few things I need to get off of my chest. Haven't been here in a while, so I figure nobody is checking here anymore (shout out to the lurkers who still come here and never comment), so this would be a great place to vent.

1. I-95 North in Connecticut sucks during the day. I don't care what time of the day or day of the week you will end up in traffic. Not because of an accident. Not because of a certain exit that a lot of people are getting off of. Not even because of construction. I am convinced that there are people who get on I-95 and just sightsee for miles at a time. I have no idea what they are looking at though. After you pass WWE headquarters, there is nothing to see until the Welcome to Rhode Island sign.

2. The Walmart in Guilford, Connecticut has to be the worst Walmart ever. Stripped down isn't even the word for it. I walked in and was excited when I didn't see ling lines that I have become accustomed to or hear the noice that comes with a busy Walmart. The excitment was short lived though. Half the things I went in there for weren't sold in this particular Walmart forcing me to have to go to my local Walmart anyway; and after 13 hours of driving, the LAST thing you want to do is go into a Walmart on a Saturday night.

3. New York City needs to bring back tax-free shopping weeks!!!!! They are losing money having people flock to Connecticut to take advantage of their perfectly timed tax-free week. The money spent on tolls ($17.75 round trip) is nothing compared to what you will save in sales tax doing a shopping spree in Connecticut. Do whatever you need to do to keep your money in house. New York is expensive enough to live in as it is. Give us 7 days of no sales tax. We deserve it.

4. I believe I have a new favorite ice cream flavor. If you knowe, you know this is major. In 38 years, this has only changed 3 other times. First it was Coffee, from that it went to Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. From there it went to Ben & Jerry's Half Baked. Now, it's Ben & Jerry's Late Night Dough. Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream with cookie dough and, wait for it . . . Peanut Butter Cookie Dough balls. Heaven in a waffle cone.

Anyway, my coffee is finish and the clock has struck 9. Time to make the donuts. Hope you all had a good weekend. I will be coming atound to see you all soon. Hope I am not the only one still here in the blogosphere.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Devil Made Me Do It

We all have that one friend. That person who believes in you more than you believe in yourself. That person who roots for you against all odds and makes you feel like you can take on the world. That person who is your biggest cheerleader, inspiration and motivation. Well, my friend who fits that description just convinced me to sign up for a 5K. So on October 16th of this year I will be running 3.1 miles through the borough of my birth, Brooklyn USA. I will be soliciting all prayers and well wishes between now and then as I train for one of the biggest challenges of my life.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


There are three things that I will never understand, rape, child molestation and domestic violence. You can justify murder to me faster than those three things. Hell, the term "justifiable homicide" implies that sometimes you might have to kill someone to save yourself. Coming off of a great Valentine's weekend (more on that in a future post), the last thing I needed or wanted to see when I returned to work was what I saw this morning.

About 20 minutes after I got to my desk and see a car parked outside. Nothing special, there is a bank next to my office and people run in and out to the ATM all the time. I go back to my work and a few minutes later my co-worker screams out "what is he doing?!" I look up again to see a man reaching and punching into that same car. By now everyone was frozen, not sure what was going on, but when I saw a womans boot come out, I knew this had the potentialto be real ugly. Another co-worker and I ran outside hoping we could break up the situation. The guy saw us coming and walked away from the car. We stayed outside until the young lady could get her stuff together and walkaway. We said nothing to the guy as her returned to the car.

This sadly wasn't the first time I had seen a physical domestic situation up close and personal, and I know way too many woman who were either raped, beaten or molested (in some cases a combination of the three) for this not to be something that I am passionate about. As a man, I am thoroughly disgusted by it. I can't rap around my head how someone could come to the conclusion that they need to impose their will on another person. As long as I have a breath in my body I will continue to advocate for and stand up for those who are unable to stand up for themselves.

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Real Super Bowl MVP

Congratulations to the Denver Broncos for winning Super Bowl 50. This game was a classic case of defense wins championships, offense sells tickets. Cam Newton played like a deer in headlights (not that Peyton Manning played any better) and Denver's defense earned them a Super Bowl. If you were like me, and were hoping for a high scoring game, you were sadly disappointed by the game. You were probably also disappointed by the halftime show too. The only thing that did not disappoint this year was the commercials. My favorites were the NFL Super Bowl babies, the two T-Mobile commercials, the apartments.com ad with Jeff Goldblum and Lil Wayne and of course, Doritos. Did you seethe game, the halftime or the commercials? What did you think? What was your favorite?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Musical Mondays: Hidden Gems

Do you ever listen to the music that plays in the background when DJ's speak on the radio? Maybe I should have askedif you still listen to the radio. If you're like me, you get your music from other places and don't listen to the radio often, but I did find myself listening to the radio last week and discovered a gem playing in the background; an instrumental version of Ne-yo's "Champagne Life" by saxaphonist Gerald Albright. I have been listening that and other jazz instrumentals all weekend long. It's a shame this stuff doesn't get radio airplay on aregular basis. What other artists out there do you think deserve more exposure than they have been getting? Inquiring minds of a music lover want to know.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Less of Me

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy New Year!!!!! It's been a minute since my last post; almost three most to be exact. So much for posting more often. Don't get me wrong, I have been writing, almost daily, just not here. The only reason I am posting today is because I am at work bored. Yep, working on a Sunday. The things you do when you work with the Affordable Care Act and the last day of open enrollment falls on a Sunday.

This week has been busy. Hell, this month has been busy. I can't believe that January will be finished in a few hours. This month has had it's highs and lows. The lows included my motger having not one, but two surgeries, me interviewing for and subsequently not getting a job that i wanted so much and that damn blizzard. Local forecasters predicted 6-12 inches and we got 27.7! Fortunately, I shoveled every 8 hours and when it was over I was able to openmy door and walk out of my house with no problems. Can't say the same for my neighbors. The highs, or should zisay high, was me reaching a milestone in my weight loss journey.

I don't speak about it often, mostly due to a combination of pride and shame, but for most of my adult life, I have weighed over 300 pounds. There were some moments within the ladt few years that I was closer to 400 pounds than 300.Those who I told what I weighed never bebelieved me, so I kept owning whatever weight they thought i actually was. I guess, being 6'7" helped make those lies believable. Little did they know, although I smiled on the outside,the truth was eating me up on the inside. Early into 2015, I had balloned to 362 pounds (a number that I have only told 1 person walking the face of this earth). That was the straw that broke the camels back. I thought to myself, I don't know any overweight old people and with me being closer to 40 than 30, it was time to do something about it for real.

I was a few months away from a birthday trip to the Dominican Republic and with that as motivation, I was quickly able to lose 25 pounds. No biggie. I did the same thing before when I went to Jamaica the year before. Sadly, with no motivation, or carrot in front of me, most of the weight came back on and with it brought a major case of depression. I went from 362 to 337 on Memorial Day then back up to 353 by Labor Day. Enough was enough! I needed to make a change and I did. Inspired by many, some directly and some indirectly, I got off my ass and made some changes. I became more concious about what I did and did not put in my mouth (no soda or candy bars since November. The last Kit Kat I brought still sits in my fridge as a reminder), got more physical, hit the gym hard and the weight started dropping. As far as I am concerned, there will be no yo-yo this time. When I lose the weight now, I don't want to find it again.

I went and got on a scale yesterday and saw a number I have never seen in my 30s. I have only seen it one time in my20s. Yesterday, I weighed in at 298. That number might not seem major to you, but you try spending the last 20 years of your life weighing over 300 pounds. 298 is major to me, but it's not my last stop. My goal this year is to lose 60 pounds, 5 pounds a month. I have lost 9 this month so I am feeling pretty damn good right now. So good thatI finally feel good sharing this news with people outside of my most intimate circle. If you have any tips that can help, or just simple words of encouragement or motivation, feel free to leave them in the commebts section. I would appreciate it.