Saturday, July 31, 2010

Avoiding A Demon

Growing up, my mother worked two jobs. While I was in elementary school, I lived with my aunt, who raised me right along with her 5 children. During the school year, in the mornings, I'd get dressed then go down the street to Ms. Clay's house. Ms. Clay was the babysitter and the rock that held my aunts block together. She had 7 children of her own (all boys) as well as 3 foster children that she raised. In the mornings she'd give me breakfast and drop myself and her youngest son off to school. She's also pick me up from school and watch me until my aunt or one of my older cousins came home. The situation worked for everyone . . . until that one day where she forgot something one afternoon and had to run out to the store (those of you who were around for my original blog knows what happened that day so there's no need to rehash it). Ever since THAT day, I had been iry about going to Ms. Clay's house for fear of running into her son again.

Fast forward to last week. After a long fight with cancer combined with an undiagnosed leg infection, Ms. Clay passed away. I'll be the first to say that I didn't deal with my situation very well. I kept it to myself until I got to college and besides the people who read a particular blog post a few years ago, the only other people who know are the 4 women I have been in serious relationships with since I graduated from college. So now I was faced with the possibility of having a can of worms reopened.

Fast forward to today. I tried to make it early to lessen the chance of running into him and causing a scene. Fortunately for me, I was able to pay my respects in peace. From what I hear, he didn't show up. I'm glad. Didn't really want to make a scene. Especially since the day was about celebrating the life of his mother. At the same time, I know I still have to face my demons, but I'll save that battle for another day.

Good-Bye and Good Riddance

I know, it's not the best title for my first post in almost two years, but that is exactly how I feel about the month of July. I've had almost as many losses this month as the Baltimore Orioles. This month has definitely been one of the more bittersweet months I have had in a long time. I went to my best friends wedding, then was subsequently told that her husband didn't want her to speak to me again. Two weeks later, I went to a going-away party for one of my better friends, who is moving to North Carolina. Then just this week, I lost one of the women who was part of the village that raised me. She lost her fight with cancer, but she definitely gave it a run for its money before she left. As a matter of fact, I'm about to get ready to go to her viewing in a little bit. Just wanted to put a little something up here to mark my return to the blogosphere. I don't know how often I'll post or what I'll post about (knowing me, it'll be random, much like I am), but one thing is for sure, ORGANIZED NOISE IS BACK.