Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Ground Moves Here Too

Every so often, my mother would tell me the story of home an earthquake struck New York City back in the 80's and how I slept through it. Every time she tells the story I say to myself, "yeah, whatever". I'm thinking to myself, I live in New York City, what are the chances? Today, I found out they were pretty realistic.

I had just finished a meeting at the airport and was on my way home. I called the Mrs. to see how she was doing. During the conversation she had to go abruptly. this wasnt anything new because I was calling her at work, but a second after I hung up the phone things got interesting. Although the roads inside the airport are smooth it seemed as if I was riding down the bumpiest road in New York. As I got off of one bus and waited for another, it looked like everyone at the intersection was in a daze. I asked a lady at the bus stop if the ground just moved. She said that's what she though and she was on the phone with her husband who was in Brooklyn and felt the same thing. I get on Facebook and everyone's status said the said thing, "Earthquake?". I immediately called my fiance back to check on her and spent the rest of my ride home checking on my east coast friends. When I got home, my eyes were glued to the news as my friends started checking in.

The rest of the day was spent reflecting and thinking. With the wedding coming up, I have been doing a lot of reflecting anyway. This could have been worse, and ifi am thankful its not, but I know this is not how I want to go out. Lie is short, I have to make the most of it. If nothing else, this quake has shaken me up and I hope its shaken some other people up to. I'm courious to see if anyone around me got scared and started living their life now. Only time will tell.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Countdown: 7 Weeks Left

Its been five weeks since my last update. In that time, the bride had her bridal shower and bachelorette party, the bridesmaid almost went WWE Smackdown on the maid of honor, the groomsmen and I went for our tuxedo fittings, the RSVP deadline came and went (of course everyone didnt respond on time) and my best man asked me for a list of people I wanted at each of the events he plans on having in my honor in the next six plus weeks. That last part actually scares me.

Like I told one of my closest friends earlier today, in my 33 years of life, I have never been to a strip club and I have only seen one striptease in person and that was by way of a truth or dare game. As much as I love the female body the llook, but don't touch" rule bothers me, and the fact that I have no emotional connection to the stripper doesn't help in the stimulation process. (I know, I am weird. A man that needs more than physical attraction to get aroused)

Granted, I am jumping the gun here. I have no idea what my best man (or anyone else for that matter) has in store for me over the next few weeks, but I will admit, it is fun to fantasize. I'll let you know what happens, when it happens, so stay tuned.