Monday, October 31, 2011

Men Can Cook

I hear a lot of women say that a man who can cook is a turn-on. If that is the case, then I can certainly introduce you to a group of men who can do just that. Then again, that might be part of the reason that all of them are married. Anyway, yesterday, my church had their second annual Gentlemen's Connoisseur (known as Men Can Cook in some circles). If you haven't heard about an event like this, it's simple; men cook their favorite dish (this year, I made snickerdoodles and brownies) and serve it to the women of the church. The event was a huge success last year, but this year's menu took the cake. There was roast pork, stuffed salmon, beef lasagna, vegetable lasagna, fried chicken, barbeque chicken, macaroni and cheese, candy yams, oxtails, peas and rice, seafood salad, potato salad, fetticini alfredo, spaghetti and meatballs, homemade shrimp fried rice. For dessert, in addition to what I made, there was chocolate cake, red velvet cake, apple pie, sweet potato pie and pound cake. It was a good fellowship and they are already talking about next years event.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

He Got Game: Major Fail

Let me set the scene for you real quick.

Location: Jamaica Bound Q5 Bus leaving Green Acres Mall.

Characters: I'm sitting in the back near the back door after a trip to Target. Also in the back section of the bus is a young light-skinned lady (approximately 17-21) wearing slacks, a stripped button-up shirt and a short leather jacket with heels. Probably coming from a job interview. With us is a young man wearing skinny jeans which are pulled down at least 3 inches below his boxer shorts, a hooded sweatshirt and a hat that can't cover his hair, which he just took out of a pony tail. He also has a tattoo of a teardrop below his right eye.

The one thing I can say about thugs is that they have no fear when it comes to approaching women. As I was sitting on the bus just trying to get home the young man approached the woman. The part of the conversation that I heard sounded pretty innocent. I know I'm too old for her, but I couldn't deny that she was attractive. He complimented her and asked if he could change his seat so he could talk to her. She said yes and he moved to the seat in front of her. They spoke for a few minutes and I wasn't interested in their conversation again until I heard him ask for her number. She denied, stating that she didn't know him like that and wasn't comfortable with that situation. She then asked for his number (from my previous experience, that's a sign that she isn't interested). He was quick to give it to her. So quick that I don't think he noticed that she wrote it on a piece of paper instead of putting it in her phone (strike two, if you ask me). If that wasn't enough, he told her not to call him, instead, suggesting that she text him instead (strike three, batters out). I found it hard not to laugh out laugh after hearing that.

I have always been shy when it comes to approaching/talking to women, so I give him credit for his attempt, but I'm glad there are still young ladies out there who have standards. There might be hope for the future after all.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In The Council of Wise Men?

For the first time in a long time I work in a male dominated office. Usually, this would pose a problem for me (what can I say? I like having eye-candy around, even if I can't touch), but I guess being married is having an effect on me. Yesterday was a slow day in the office. With only three guys in the office, you'd think that the conversation would be about the World Series or that poor excuse for a football game that took place on Monday night. To my surprise, the conversation went a totally different way.

I walked into the conversation already in progress. One of the guys was talking about the reasons that he got divorced. He basically said that he got tired of seeing his wife. He worked full-time in Manhattan while she worked part-time in Queens. She was there when he left in the morning and there when he got back. He said she didn't have any hobbies, interest or friends so she had nothing to talk about when he did come home. He got tired of it and left. He also went on to say that after the divorce he enjoyed being single. As he put it, "single women just want you to spend time with them, fuck them, then get out of their way". After spending 17 years with his wife, he didn't have a problem with this. He even went as far saying he joined the choir in his church to get his praise on and hook up with women (which leads to another blog post for another day).

This guy went on to say that since his divorce he has dealt with up to 7 women at a time (one for each day of the week) because it was easier than being married and dealing with one (don't exactly understand that, but I guess that explains why I struggled the one time I tried to juggle two women). He also went on to say that things changed about a year ago, to the point where he is thinking about getting married again. He met a woman that has had such an impact on him that he's doing things that he has never done before.

He showed us a picture of her, which was the wallpaper on his phone. He said no woman has ever been the wallpaper on his phone before. He says she spends the weekend with him and he doesn't have a problem with her leaving clothes or toiletries at his apartment. He even cut off the other women and brings his woman to church with him. In regards to that he said "either I'm dumb or in love". That line made me smile, because it made me think about something I was told a long time ago; "a man won't change because a woman wants him to, but the right woman can make a man want to change".

I appreciated being involved in that conversation. It's not too often that men get together and talk about women, unless they are talking about sex. As enjoyable as sex is, when it comes to relationships it takes more than just sex to sustain one. If that wasn't the case, I would have married "KC Masterpiece" years ago. She was about the most one-dimensional woman I was involved with. As I continue down this journey I will make sure that I take advice from other men who have more experience than I do any and every chance I get. Not saying I'll follow it all, but it will be on file in my mental rolodex.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TMI Tuesday - October 26, 2011

1. Name 5 things you did more of before social networking (facebook, myspace, twitter, etc.)?

Write letters, make phone calls, blog, read and sleep

2. Your house is on fire, what do you grab as you run out?

Photo albums, money and wallet

3. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Morning person

a. What time did you go to bed last night?

After the baseball game went off

b. What time did you wake up today?


4. A kid comes up to you and kicks you in the shin, what do you do?

Grab him by the neck and make sure he thinks twice before he does it again.

5. What three things do you never leave the house without?

Cell phone, wallet, keys

Bonus: Name a place that you visited last week that you’ve never visited before. Briefly tell us about the visit.

Last Tuesday I went to Democracy Prep High School for the first time for a business meeting.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dr. 215

When I first went away to college and joined the marching band, my first crush was on a sophomore floutist from Philly. From this point on, she will be referred to as Dr. 215. She had a man, so I never officially made a move on her, but we did become cool; which ultimately put me in the friend zone with the dreaded "lil' brother" tag. Although the "friend zone" is usually a negative thing, we actually became closer after she graduated. Since she want to medical school in NYC, I was her tourguide during the summer and she'd always take me out when I came home for breaks. Even when she fell on bad terms with her sorority sisters and broke up with her man, we were still friends and people would start to talk about us as if I was the reason behind her breakup.

As time went on, we went from regular e-mails and phone calls to no contact at all. It wasn't until a band alumni association e-mail that we were both cc'd on that we reconnected. I took the chance of sending an e-mail to the address in the e-mail and fortunately, it was indeed her. We exchanged numbers and once we started calling each other, our communication picked up right where we left off. The timing of our reconnection came around the same time that my relationship with "Guyana" ended and 2 weeks before a previously scheduled trip to Philadelphia for a Raheem DeVaughn concert. Of course I told her I'd be in town, and as it turned out, something happened to the people I was supposed to go to the concert with (one couldn't get out of New York and the other got soaked in a thunderstorm and didn't have a change of clothes so decided to stay in her hotel room for the night) so I ended up taking Dr. 215. The concert was like the ideal first date. Great concert, a night cap, and the thought that this could be something. I was supposed to leave town in the morning, but she convinced me to change my ticket so that I could go to church with her in the morning. After church, we went to breakfast before she took me to the train station (or should I say I drove to the train station as she trusted me with her car). At the train station we had that awkward moment where we wanted to kiss, but ultimately didn't. I guess we both knew it was bound to happen anyway. Through the rest of the summer, we talked, e-mailed, chatted, flirted, until the she decided she was ready to see me again and came to New York. Her visit to New York was totally different than my visit to Philly. She came on a mission and all but threw herself at me.

I was taught a long time ago that if a woman gives you something, take it, but there was something a little off about the way she approached me that night. Thankfully, she didn't have any condoms, which allowed us not to go through with it and not being able to blame anybody. Things got even more bizzare when she got back to Philly. During our next few interactions she started calling me out my name and saying I wasn't really interested in her. Talking about she had been saving herself since her divorce and she wanted me to be the next person she was with. It got to a point where I needed some time away from here. After a few weeks had passed, I hit her up for her birthday. She told me that she had started dating someone she met in church. I was happy for her until she told me that he was in the process of getting divorced but nothing was official yet. I wished her well, but distanced myself again.

By the time she reached out to me a few months later, I had gotten involved with "Panama". She was disappointed by that, but wished me well. Then, in her next conversation, she stated that she wasn't with the guy anymore and just wanted to have sex with me, even if only for one night. Had this proposition come from someone else, I would be lying if I said I wouldn't be interested. Luckily, it was easy to turn down Dr. 215 at that moment. She didn't take the rejection too well, and didn't speak with me for a while. Then a few weeks later, I get a facebook friend request from her. I ignore it for a while, then finally broke down and accepted it. Bad move on my part as it became obvious quickly that she just wanted to be friends to be nosy. Within a week, I deleted her.

That brings us to today. When I logged on to Facebook this morning, there was another friend request from her. Granted, I'm not one to burn bridges, but at the same time, I'm not on Facebook for a popularity contest either. Everyone who wants to be your friend does not have good intentions. This is one friend request that will not be accepted, and she is one person in my life that won't get any closer to me than she already is.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Last Supper

I have a confession to make. "The Chew" has become a guilty pleasure of mine. Now that that is out of the way, on Thursday's show, the chef's each cooked the meal they would have if they could have their dream "last supper". That got me to start thinking, what would my last meal on earth be. This is what I've decided:


Beef Supreme Chulupa's from Taco Bell
Coconut Shrimp from Red Lobster
Mini Beef Patties
White Castle Cheeseburgers


Chicken Ceaser Salad


Cream of Tomato Soup with Blue Cheese crumbles

Pasta Course

Lobster Ravioli from my favorite restaurant in the country, Tiramisu in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (528 S. 5th Street)

Main Course

Stuffed Alaskan Salmon from McCormick & Schmidt


Brownie Sundae
My mother's Banana Pudding
French Vanilla Ice Cream with Kit Kat, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Cookie Dough and almonds from Cold Stone Creamery

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tell'em How You Feel Thursday: October 20, 2011

1. Last time I checked, I didn't marry you. You don't have a right to that information.

2. Generally, the proper response when someone says "thank you" is for you to say "your welcome" or something to that effect.

3. That is WAY out of line, young lady.

4. This is why men should not be invited to baby showers.

5. When you call yourself the "King" of anything, there is an expectation that comes with that.

6. Would much rather be surprised than to have to suffer through anticipation.

7. There is plenty of room here under this bus you threw me under.

8. You cheap s.o.b.

9. I will never tell you to your face, but I told you so. SMH

10. If I could get a redo she definitely wouldn't have been in the wedding.

11. I hate it when the wrong person says all the right things.

12. I ask you to do one thing while I'm gone and you can't even do that. What are you going to do if I resign?

13. One day I'll learn not to make a bet with a woman.

14. This is NOT the time to hold back.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gone, But Not Forgotten

With my father deciding not to have an active part in my life, it afforded me the opportunity to have several different male role models through the course of time. The first was my uncle Charles. He did things like take me to my first ball game and take me to work with him. Even though he just cleaned office buildings, he showed me how to take pride in everything I did. Next was my uncle "Pep". To this day, he's still around to talk about random stuff. As greatful as I am to them, it wasn't until I was 12 that I came across some men who stepped into my life, not because they were related to me, but because they wanted to.

When I became a member fo the youth ministry of New Jerusalem Baptist Church I had the pleasure of meeting 5 men (4 of which are still in my life and 3 which are still prominent in my life) who would keep me on the straight and narrow until I left for college. I'll talk about the other four at a later date, but today, I want to focus on one in particular. He was a Deacon in the church as well as the leader of the youth ministry. He was passionate about us, which for some of us was the first time we had a male role model. He allowed us to make mistakes and taught us why the things that happened to us happened. He encouraged, motivated and supported us. He treated us as if we were his own, which lead us all to believe that he'd be a great father one day, especially when he got engaged to the love of his life. The thing we didn't know is that he was also suffering from cancer. When he died on October 18, 1995, it hit me hard; not just because of who he was and the importance he had in my life, but because I had buried an aunt a year prior who had also died of cancer.

Prior to his death, we had become so close that I was asked to read the eulogy at the funeral . . . a eulogy that I still haven't read. On the day of the funeral (which was my first funeral in over 10 years), I did the one thing they told us not to do; watch them close the casket. That made it real to me and I lost it. I cried and didn't care who saw it. I went up to the podium to speak but the words couldn't come out. I cried until someone came up to read it for me. From that day on, I have kept his memory alive. A scholarship was created in his honor and I won the first one. I still try to live my life in a way he would want me to and I hope that he's looking down on me with an approving smile. Rest in Peace KCH. Gone, but not forgotten.

TMI Tuesday - October 18, 2011

It’s TMI Tuesday again. You know that dreaded interview question “Tell me about you/yourself?” Who the hell knows how to answer that! These questions are a lot more fun (and easier) way to Tell Us More About YOU

P.S. Based on your answers we will make snap judgements and form stereotypical opinions about you


1. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”…What is it that you will show me?
Depending on who you are, either my baseball card collection or my music collection.

2. What was the last thing you regret buying?
I don't have too many regrets, especially when it comes to spending my money, so the last time I had buyers remorse was the first time I purchased an engagement ring almost 5 years ago.

3. How happy are you? 1 = not happy at all to 5 = very happy

4. Last night, what did you go to bed thinking about?
How did I get blown out this week in fantasy football

5. Tell us something that made you happy this past week or made you think “that’s cool!”
Seeing two churches bury the hatchet after 23 years of animosity towards one another.

Bonus: What is your favorite mark of punctuation? Why?
Semi-colon because it reminds me of myself. Subtle, quiet, rare, but important when used.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Melodies From Heaven: Get Over It

Through the course of our lives, we all reach a point in our lives where we hold a grudge against someone. It's not the healthiest thing to do, but it happens. Personally, I've held grudges against people who were always better than me at certain things, bullies and people who dated women I've been interested in and had sex with women I've wanted to have sex with. It took me a long time to realize how unhealthy grudges are because the person who the grudge is against doesn't know most of the time. Therefore, the one holding the grudge is the only one wasting energy. It wasn't until I read a quote by Joan Didion that goes "to cure jealousy is to see it for what it is, a dissatisfaction with self", that I realized how much time I wasted having grudges.

With that said, let me know give you a brief history lesson. I grew up in Calvary Baptist Church in Jamaica, New York. In September of 1988, 29 members of that church had a meeting and the result of that meeting was the creation of New Jerusalem Baptist Church. When the announcement was made to the congregation, families were split and friendships were severed as people decided which church they would attend. Was their loyalty to their pastor or to the church itself. My mother and my cousins ended up at New Jerusalem Baptist Church while my aunts stayed at Calvary.

As time went on, and New Jerusalem continued to grow and broke ground on their own building, which was 10 blocks away from Calvary Baptist Church. Members of the two churches would occassionally visit, but the two church never fellowshipped together. 5 years, 10 years, 15 years had past and the two churches still hadn't been able to knock down this imaginary brick wall that seperated them. That all changed yesterday.

On Sunday, October 16, 2011, 23 years after the seperation, these two churches came back together to celebrate Calvary Baptist Church's 82nd Church Anniversary. Our pastor was the guest preacher and his sermon was based out of John 4 and the story of the Samaritan woman. The anology was that the two churches were like the Samiritans and the Jews and the point was summed up in verses 21-24 which read as follows:

Jesus declared, "Believe me, woman, a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem. 22You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews, 23Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshippers the Father seeks. 24God is spirit, and his worshippers must worship in spirit and in truth."

Ultimately, both pastors (neither of whom was with their respective church in 1988) stated that its time for both sides to get past whatever differences and animosity that might seperate them and get back to the common goal, which in this case is worshiping the same God. As I try to do with any sermon I hear, is apply it to every day life. What I take from it is that life is too short to hold grudges. If you have something against someone, let it go. All the grudge is doing is holding you back from what is in store for you. Wake up, get up and get over it.

Weekend Recap: Transcending Into Marriage

After the last 9 months have flown by, things are starting to slow down to a normal pace. No wedding planning, no bachelor party weekends, just reality; not that reality is all that bad, but after 9 months of planning, you do suffer from a little bit of withdrawl. So much that there is already discussions about a 1 year anniversary party next October . . . stay tuned.

Anyway, this weekend started off with the return of "date night". One thing that the Mrs. and I have prided ourselves on during the course of our relationship has been maintaining "date night". Although we haven't gone out, EVERY Friday, we've managed to keep a 90% succcess rate (even if it just means ordering a pizza and watching a movie). This week, we were joined by my best man, "Sigma", and his wife. We went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in the city, Cabana Nuevo Latino (if you ever go, a pitcher of white sangria is a requirement. You can thank me later). We talked, reminisced and cracked jokes all night long. A good way to seperate ourselves from all the wedding stuff and transcend into the marriage (as couples outings are one thing that I am looking forward to).

Saturday took me somewhere that I have only been too one other time in my 33+ years. Not necessarily the place I went to, but the event I went to. A former co-worker of the Mrs. is having her first baby, and we (yes, the invitation had both of our names on it) were invited to the baby shower. Since her and her boyfriend were kind enough to share in our special day, I thought it would be wrong for us not to share in her special day. The event was held at this nice reception hall in Franklin Square and even had a DJ so it wasn't too bad. The food was tolerable, but nothing to write home about. When the guest of honor arrived, the mother to be came in (looking like a young Gabrielle Union) and proceeded to do the Beyonce' booty dance as if she wasn't 8 months pregnant. The father to be came (looking like Stephan Urkel) in and made the rounds thanking all that were in attendance. That is when all of the men should have been excused. An hour of baby shower games later, I was more than ready to leave.

Sunday was a good day in its own; so much that it deserves its own post. I'll get to that later this afternoon. Overall, the weekend was a good one, but one that ended way too soon. Hope you all had a good weekend as well. If not, the next one is 4 1/2 days away.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tell'em How You Feel Thursday: Wedding Week Edition

1. "Miscommunication leads to complication".

2. The rehearsal was from 5:30 - 7pm. Why are you showing up at 7:15 and wondering why everyone is leaving.

3. It was nice to hear, but your timing is WAY OFF. Where was this 3 years ago?

4. Don't feel bad now, you had 13 years.

5. That right there is why I wouldn't have made her maid of honor.

6. Today is not about you.

7. How did you manage to get the top part of your tux and bottom part of your tux in two different parts of town.

8. 19 no-shows at the reception? The 17 of you who weren't in the hospital have some explaining to do.

9. No gift? . . . Really?

10. Calling a newlywed couple at 11pm on the night after the wedding . . . REALLY?

11. If you had come to rehearsal, you wouldn't have had that problem.

12. Had it not been my wedding, I would have loved to see you beat her ass.

13. Deleting me as a Facebook friend doesn't hurt me.

14. Last time I checked, you called me everything but a child of God. Why are you reaching out to me now?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Case of the Ex: Recurring Nightmare

So, I'm sitting here working on this weeks TMI Tuesday and watching the Rangers-Tigers game when my text message indicator goes off. Considering the time of day, I'm thinking its one of 5 people I had been communicating with all day long. When I looked at the phone I noticed that it was from a number, not a name, which means that whoever texted me was not saved in my phone. My rule of thumb is to not respond to those numbers unless they call and leave a message, or identify themselves. When I looked at the number again, I realized that it was indeed someone I know . . . or should I say knew.

The number belonged to "Guyana". How I remember this is because the last three numbers of her phone number happen to be my birthday. The message was friendly enough; just congratulating me on my marriage (which I can only assume she found out because either our mutual friend who was invited told her or with all their changes this summer, facebook's privacy settings aren't as tight as they used to be anymore), but it reminded me of the last time she reached out to me. She texted me around my birthday bragging about her marriage and her pregnancy and claimed that she hoped that we could one day be cordial. Even went as far as inviting me out for a cup of coffee (Starbucks was one of our favorite hangouts when we were together), which I declined.

Those of you who were around three years ago know all of the drama that she put me through when we broke up, so I find it real interesting that she is keeping tabs on me and even trying to reach out to me. You made a decision and kept me from making a big mistake, there is no revolving door in my life, so don't try to be a part of it anymore. Good, bad or indifferent, what we had prepared me for what I have. Her usefullness in my life is over. She was here for a season and I don't need to repeat it. I am so done with that page of my life and don't need a reminder of what I had to appreciate what I have. No thank you. Goodbyes are forever.

TMI Tuesday: Have and Have Not

This week’s TMI Tuesday was inspired by An Optimistic Virgin. Read her Have and Have Not for inspiration and HAVE FUN creating yours.

List five (5) things you have done that other people probably have not done.
1. Appeared on television (twice)
2. Had sex in the back of a moving truck while it was moving
3. Became a Certified Notary Public
4. Won 2 Resident Assistant of the Year awards
5. Appeared on the cover of a school newspaper

List five (5) things you have not done that other people probably have done.
1. Watched "The Godfather"
2. Been to a strip club
3. Gone on a cruise
4. Lived alone
5. Gone to a beach

Bonus: What is the oddest thing that you’ve ever seen?
I live in New York City. I see odd stuff almost every day. Most recently, on Thursday, I saw this young lady who had six tattoos on her arms, one of the shaved part of her head, and the rest of her head was dyed yellow, red, orange and purple. (If you are friends with me on Facebook, you can see the pic in my mobile uploads folder)

Bonus, Bonus: What is the oddest, kinkiest, or craziest thing you have ever done?
I don't like the word kinky because I am the type of person who aims to please, but there was this one time with KC Masterpiece where we were in a 69 and I took her dildo and slid it in her ass at the same time. Some people think that was kinky.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Wedding Weekend Recap

Here it is, the Monday after. Also the first time I have had a moment to myself since Thursday. This weekend was long and short at the same time. Before I go any further, I want to thank any of you who are reading this who might have attended, texted, called or otherwise sent gifts and/or well wishes. They mean a lot.

The festivities started on Thursday. I had to go into the office, but literraly for only 20 minutes. Took me longer to get to the office than I spent in the office. Afterwards, I came back home and had breakfast with my sister who was in New York for the first time since 1979. It definitely meant a lot to me that she came up for the wedding since I don't spend a lot of time with my mother's side of the family (as it turned out, she was the only member of my mother's side of the family who came up from North Carolina for the wedding). Afterwards, my mother and sister went to do some last minute shopping and I tried to take a nap since I knew that once I left the house the next time I'd be going full speed ahead until Saturday morning. **MAJOR FAIL**

Instead of napping, I watched tv and surfed the internet until it was time to go on with the day. Thursday afternoon I went to the reception hall to make the final payment and check the bar. From there I went to pick up my last groomsmen, "Mr. Sparkles", who had arrived from Maryland. From there we went to the wedding rehearsal. What was supposed to be a formality ended up being a mess because everyone had their own agenda. The maid of honor brought her kids and they were running all over the place. One of the groomsmen missed the entire rehearsal and the bridesmaids still weren't getting along with the maid of honor. On top of that, the mother of the bride came down with a cold.

After leaving the church we went to the rehearsal dinner. Finally a chance to relax and let loose with the bridal party. Drinks flowing, food for days and laughs all night. A much needed break from the drama. Afterwards, I went to watch the Yankees-Tigers game with my groomsmen before calling it a night. Not being able to sleep, I took a long walk and reflected on things before finally winding down about 1:30 Friday morning.

Friday, I woke up around 8am. Took myself to breakfast and to the barber shop (for the first time in 5 years). From there, it was back home to pack before getting picked up at 11:30am. I met my groomsmen for lunch at noon before heading to the hotel to get dressed. Once dressed it was off to meet the rest of the bridal party because we were taking pictures prior to ceremony. After the pictures it was off to the church and the ceremony. Trying to dispel the belief that all weddings started late, we arrived 20 minutes ahead of the scheduled start time. We started late anyway because the minister and musician was late, but once the ceremony started (only 8 minutes late) everything went off without a hitch (with the exception of the mothers lighting the unity candle wrong. Those I have spoken to have told me that the wedding was beautiful. I'll have to take their word for it until I see the video.

The reception was held at Stewart Manor Country Club. It was a very intimate location where 150 of our closest friends and family (179 had RSVP'd that they'd be there) partied the night away. I don't remember much of it because of all of the pictures and trying to speak with everyone. Time just flew. We didn't even get to eat with all that was going on. When they say the ceremony is for the couple and the reception is for the guest, they weren't lying. Those five hours came and went before I knew it.

By the time we got to the hotel, we raided to vending machine just so we can say we ate. Then we reflected on some of the things we did remember from the day before calling it a night. We celebrated all weekend before making our first public appearance Sunday morning in church. Now, we are home and still have a few more days before going back to reality. I am not looking forward to it.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wedding Countdown: Bachelor Party

As this past weekend approached, I had all kinds of emotions going on in my head. I was excited because I was looking forward to just letting loose and have a good time (especially with how stressful things have been in the planning process). I was also a little concerned and nervous. I had only been to one bachelor party in my life, but I have heard stories about others. Dancers, strippers, crazy sexcapades and God only knows what else. Combine that with the fact that, as I mentioned in a previous post, I have never been to a strip club before, and you could see why I approached this weekend with a little aprehension.

The weekend started on Friday night. A group of friends that I had gone to high school with and became reaquainted with after our 13 year reunion decided to go to Atlantic City for a night of fun. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans. As soon as we started leaving Queens it started pouring down rain, so hard that it wouldn't make sense to try to drive all the way to Atlantic City. Instead, plan B took us to a nice little spot in Manhattan where we danced the night away and shut the club down. From there, it was off to a diner where we ate and cracked jokes until the sun rose.

After a day of running around that only afforded me 2 hours of sleep, Saturday night's festivities started around 8:30pm. My best man picked me up and took me out to the Grand Lux Cafe'(a place I have been wanting to go to for a long time, but never made it out to) where we were met by the other guys who decided to come out and celebrate with me. We ate and watched the Yankees-Tigers playoff game. All of the guys who came out were married (wheretheydothatat) and the dinner conversation was more of them being real about the trials and tribulations of marriage. The good, bad and indifferent. I felt like I was on a male version of "The View", but I definitely appreciate what was shared at that time.

Once they got that out of the way, we all knew what was next. We broke out and headed to a spot in Queens, then a spot in Hempstead. We didn't go to strip clubs, we went to "Gentlemen's Clubs". For a first time, it was an experience to say the least. I did get my first lap dance, which, considering I haven't had sex since the earthquake only made me hornier than I was before. Other than that it was a good night.

The night ended around 3am and I still made it to church in the morning. Now its just a matter of getting me to the alter and over the broom. The next update will recap the events of the wedding week.