Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Musings:

Today is the last day of September and the seasons has come to an end for the Mets, Yankees and Giants. The Giants are 0-4 but play in a division that sucks so they are only 2 games back. A win over the Eagles and a Cowboy loss to Peyton Manning and they are right back in it.

Alex Rodriguez goes in front of an arbitrator today to appeal his suspension. I cannot wait until this is over. Personally, I hope the suspension is upheld.

I tried to watch that new show "Betrayal" last night. Couldn't really get into it. That was the only onebof the new shows that caught my attention this season. Guess I will stick with "The Voice", "Castle", "Modern Family", "Grry's Anatomy" and "Scandal" for my non-sports television watching.

My supervisor just e-mailed me to tell me shebwas taking the day off. Maybe I am the only one who doesn't think about work on my DAY OFF.

There is a part of me that wants to see an Oakland - Pittsburgh World Series. I think that would be great for baseball. More realistically, I think it will be Boston and Atlanta.

My job is requiring me to take a flu shot today. It will be the first flu shot of my adult life. Hope it goes well.

The 27th Amendment to the Constitution assures that Congress will get paid during a government shutdown. What's up with that?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Musings: Fall Is Upon Us

It was 49 degrees when I left my house this morning, so getting to work and not being able to get into the building was not on my to-do list this morning. Sadly, that is exactly what happened. There are 3 people who can open the main door and turn off the security system. One of them is away at a conference and each of the other two thought the other one was coming to open up. Regardless, they need to get it together tomorrow.

This weekend was an emotional roller coaster highlighted by a day trip to Philly. Philly is one of my favorite cities to visit, but it has been more than 5 years since my last trip. I talked my cousin into a road trip and we hit the road Saturday aftetnoon. Great fun and I have a new favorite cheesrsteak spot(Max's Steaks in North Philly if you are ever invthe area).

If you told me after 3 weeks that the Jets and Giants would combine for 2 wins I would put money on the Giants being 2-1 and the Jets being 0-3. Who knew? I honestly thought the Jets would go 0-16 this year. This is bizarre. Then again the Browns beating the Vikings and Bengals beating the Packers is bizarre as well.

The Emmy's were interesting, but I could not watch the entire show. Tina Fey is real classy when she dresses up and Sophia Sophia Sophia . . . Bless You. Not everone can pull off a formal dress, but those women that can can get my attention all night long. I like a little mystery in my women. Give me just enough to make me want more.

Nice tribute for Mariano Rivera on Sunday. The Yankees are real classy when it comes to stuff like that. And what the Mets did to their rookies yesterday was pure hilarity.

Castle and The Voice are back tonight. Can't wait.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Back To School

How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity. Those words from the 133rd Psalm echoed in my head this morning as I headed to Lil' Man's school this morning. For the 3rd year in a row, I was going to participate in the "Dads Take Your Child To School" program. This program started as a means to get fathers and other male role models the opportunity to get involved in the life of the children in their lives.

Each year that I have participated in the program it has been different. Two years ago, it was just a matter of literally taking Lil' Man to school. Upon dropping him off I was given an envelope that included a participant certificate and two tickets to a Mets game. Last year the drop of package included a shopping bag donated by the NFL and some sample size mouthwash. This year was an entirely different situation.

When I arrived to the school I was directed towards a room where there were approximately 30 other fathers. When the program started we were greated by the Principal, parent coordinator and PTA president. They began to introduce presentations by representatives from Child Services and Human Resources, as well as representatives from several non-profit fatherhood initiatives in the city. The topics of discussion ranged from being better fathers to dealing with the child support system and how ACS is your friend. I was hoping for more positive presentations but it ultimately turned into a gripe session on how mothers are bringing them down and "the man" is holding them back. Color me disinterested.

Being a fathet in today's society is difficult, especially when there are so many things taking fathers away, so I am all for programs that have the intention of uplifting and encouraging fathers, fatherhood and brotherhood in general so I am glad I was there. Hopefully this was not a one shot deal and they continue to have programs like this throughout the year.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Musings 6

Can I wake up one day without hearing about a shooting? Charlotte, Newark and now the Navy Yard in DC. Sigh. The one at the Navy Yard hit close to home. I have a friend from college who actually works on the floor that the shootings took place. Fortunately she called out today because her daughter is sick.

The Jets are the best team in New Jersey. Who would have thought. For the first time in a while, I am actually optimistic about my Jets. If we had some quality receivers . . .

Ms. America is an Indian-American (in addition to being from New York). The amount of hate she is getting disgusts me. And someone tell Ms. Texas that song selection is very important. Every song isnt for every body.

Duck Dynasty eliminated the Evil Empire from the divisional race last night. I would enjoy that more if the Yankees didn't have so many injuries this year. Wonder how much money they will spend this off season.

It's going to take some time to get used to Cedric hosting "Millionaire".

I have to get a flu shot this year. It will be the first one of my adult life. Not looking forward to it, but it comes with the job.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Are You Smarter Than A 6th Grader?

It has already been established in my house that I am the math king. So if there are any math homework issues, I am the one that gets called on. Lil' man is pretty good with math himself, so I don't get called on too often, but with him starting 6th grade this year, I figure I will get called on more frequently. Didn't expect the first call to be on the second day of school. Today's problem:

Step 1: Write down all the 3 digit numbers that can be made using the numbers 1, 2 and 3.

Step 2: How many of the numbers from step 1 are divisible by 4?

Just for fun, can you answer this in less than 60 seconds?

Let's Get Busy . . . Again

1994 was a good year for me. Had my first real girlfriend, the Rangers won the Stanley Cup, the Knicks went to the NBA Finals and Arsenio Hall was throwing a late night party five days a week. Things were good in my hood. Sadly, as we all know, the Knicks didn't win the championship and Arsenio didn't return to late night. The thrill was gone for a while.

Fast forward to earlier this year and the announcement that Arsenio is coming back. It was like someone turned on the lights. Christmas came early and someone returned a piece of my childhood to me. Good times were back and I had a reason to stay up late again. The first show last night brought back all kinds of memories. The posse was there. The Dog Pound was there and the signature pose was back. For one hour, everything was right with the world.

To me, it didn't even matter whether it was a good show or not. Last night was about a return (however temporary) to a part of my past that was one of my happiest. We all know his ultimate success will be determined by ratings, which will be determined by the guest list. Regardless, I always root for the underdog and I will root for Arsenio this time the same way I did back in the 90s.

Monday, September 9, 2013

First Impressions

It didn't take long for this week to provide me with a good laugh. My second client of the day came in wearing a shirt that read "Pussy: The Most Expensive Meal You Can Eat". Although I tend to agree with what the shirt said, and the young lady's (she is only 19) First Amendment right to wear it, I also acknowledge that there is a time and place for everything. Then again, I struggle to find an appropriate place for such a shirt. Maybe one of you can help me with that.

Monday Musings: Back to School

After weeks of watching other students going back to school across the country it is finally the first day of school here in New York City. I know one 11 year old who was not ready for it. Lil man is going to Junior High School. He will be ok. He knows at least one person in his class and is good at making friends. I just hope his mouth doesnt get him in trouble.

In a somewhat related story, I had the pleasure of meeting the School Chancellor of NYC. We spoke for about 15 minutes and he is passionate about education and has some great ideas. Hope political red tape doesn't get in his way.

Anyone else want to help me help Mark Sanchez pack? The Geno Smith Era has begun. Sadly, the scheduling gods decided that the Jets only need 3 day to prepare for the big bad Patriots.

Oakland quarterback Tyrell Pryor leads the league in rushing. Marinate on that.

My fantasy team will be 1-0.

I love this weather. High temps in the upper 70s. It doesnt get better than this.

Tennis lesson #1: if you are going to beat Serena Williams, do it in straight sets. That 3rd set was ugly.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Game Done Changed

I have been accused of and pleaded guilty to being an old soul, especially when it comes to music. My tastes in music ranges anywhere from heavy metal to southern soul, but my heart is with R&B, neo-soul and adult contemporary (old soul). There are a few artist out today that I enjoy (Jill Scott, Raheem DeVaughn, Dwele, etc), but their old school influences are obvious in their music. Sadly, most of today's music that I do like would never get radio play (at least not here in NYC where the two R&B stations we had were merged to make room for sports talk radio to come on fm frequencies) so I generally stick with Pandora to get me through the day.

The only time I really listen to the radio is when I am in the bathroom (sorry, I know TMI Tuesday was yesterday). This morning I found myself listening to Miguel's "How Many Drinks?". It wasn't my firstbtime listening to it, but it was my first time paying attention to something other than the hook. As much as the music is good and the hook is catchy, the lyrics just make me just shake my head. One would think that with this age of expanded vocabularies we could find a more flattering way of expressing our desires to a woman. I am all for honesty but really?! If you even have to ask the title question do you really need to be approaching that woman? Worse yet, if you are the woman that responds positively to that kind of approach, what does that say about you? What's next, a song called "I Just Wanna Fuck"? (Wait. That song already exists.)

I haven't felt this way about a song since R. Kelly's "You Remind Me". Song like this make me lojg for the days of Teddy Pendergrass ("Come Go With Me") and Marvin Gaye ("Let's Get It On"). Granted, they wrote about the same thing, but I am almost certain that these songs were written in a different tone and the fact that they are still getting played on Quiet Storm shows 40 years later shows that they have staying power. 40 from now, will anyone remember Miguel? I doubt it, but for now, the game has certainly changed.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


My co-workers are back from vacation. I miss the quiet. Guess I need to take a vacation myself. It's September and I have only taken 4 days off so far this year. A Friday and Monday when I went to see my grandmother in April, my birthday in May and a day in July after going to see Monday Night Raw in Brooklyn. I dont really like taking days off without having a good reason. Time has come to find a good reason.

How is it that the top story in Black College Football has nothing to do with a football team? The fact that I saw more news stories about the return of the Florida A&M marching band than I did about the Florida A&M - Mississppi Valley State football game speaks volumes. The line from "Drumline" is so true, "halftime is gametime."

The 1 year old in Brooklyn that took a bullet intended for his father is a sad story. I hope his death wasnt in vain, but I think it is going to lead to more violence. The cycle needs to be broken.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday Musings: Are You Syri-ous?

Happy Labor Day. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I'm sitting here trying to enjoy my day off, but all I hear on television is Syria, Syria, Syria. I will be the first to admit that I dont know all of the details, but do we really need to get involved over there? Doesnt the United State have enough internal problems to concern itself with? Unemployment is still higher than it needs to be. The economy isnt where it needs to be. The cost of living keeps rising while salaries stay put, and in some cases go down. Detroit filed for bankruptcy. Our government would rather go help out another country than take care of our own. Someone make that make sense to me. It would ne one thing if they asked us. It would be another if they did something to us. Sadly, neither of those have happened. We cant continue to play Big Brother to the rest of the world. We have already been burned once. I dont want to experience another day like I did 12 years ago. Take care of home. The government tells us to do it to help lower crime rates, drug use, teen pregnancy and any other problem they want to blame on us, but wont do it to take care of problems that they helped to create within the country. GTFOH