Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Musings: Election Eve

I have been with my job for almost two years now and today is the first time I have taken a day for no other reason than to get away from work. I refer to these as mental health days. At my previous job I would take one every six week. The timing of this one is strategic, as I am also off tomorrow off for Election Day. It also coincides with "Panama's" first day at her new job so I have the house to myself.

This weekend was good. Saw "Last Vegas" on Friday nigjt. Just the type of movie I needed after a long stressful week. I was recently certified as an application counselor and was reassigned to a hospital in Manhattan to assist people enroll into into the Health Exchange. My commute has gone from 25 minutes to 2 hours. You do not realize how important that extra 3 hours a day means until you don't habe it. I appreciate the exposure that my job is providing me right now, but i know it would take a nice raise for me to go back to working in Manhattan on a regular basis.

Had a doctor's appointment Saturday. I don't like going to the doctor, but in my attempt to reach a healthier me, it is a necessary evil. Things went well and slowly but surely things are heading in the right direction. I have some obatacles to overcome, but I believe I will get there or die trying.

t Sunday I went to early service at church and heard a good word. It spoke on dealing with your issues and referenced the David vs Goliath story. The line that stood out to me was "stop letting your problems dictate you life. Start dictating your life to your problems." I needed to hear it and even more importantly, i need to apply it. Time will tell.

After church I came home and watched football until football watched me (how about Geno and the Jets?). I also got to chat with a friend of mine who had the pleasure of watching her oldest daughter realize her dream. Even though I didn't see it live in speaking to her I could tell that she was a proud parent. May all of you have the opportunity to allow your children to chase their dreams and one day watch them realize those dreams.

Tomorrow is election day. Wherever you live and whatever is on your ballot, make sure you vote. Even if your candidate doesn't win, voting givea you the right to complain. If you do not vote you have decided that you don't matter and should be ignored. You didn't take the time to vote so dont wonder why nobody takes the time to listen. Just my opinion.