Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thought Provoking Tuesday: Look in the Mirror

Every so often when it gets slow in the office my co-workers and I engage in some interesting conversations. Today was one of those days. This afternoon two of my co-workers and I started talking about relationships. With one of us being married another being in a long term relationship and the other being divorced and engaged for the second time we all bring different opinions to the conversation and that makes the conversations very interesting.

Today a question came up that had me in deep thought. Would you date yourself? Of course everyone's first response was of course they would, but when we thought about it deeper the answers aren't always as obvious. Looking back in my life I know I can say that there was a time in which I would not have been able to date myself. For reasons I won't get into here I was at a very low spot. I didn't even concern myself with why I wasn't dating. I didn't even want to be around myself. Fortunately those times have come and gone and I am much better than I used to be (if I must say so myself).

What about you? Would you date yourself? Take a good look at yourself and ask yourself if the characteristics you see in yourself would be good to have in a mate. The answer might just be an obvious yes, but you might just discover that there is something about you that you wouldn't want in a mate. Take a good look at yourself. You might just learn something.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Take Me To The Greek

This year, in my quest to a healthier me I have been focusing on portion control, healthier eating and getting active. Part of the healthier eating has been making healthy substitutions. Soda replaced by water, King Sized Reese's and Kit Kat ' s replaced by oranges and grapes and others. In an attempt to find healthier snacks, it was suggested to me that I try to incorporate Greek yogurt into my diet. I had tried yogurt before but didn't like it. Hoping that time has changed my taste buds, on a recent trip to Target I decided to go for it. I picked up some greek yogurt. I grabbed peach and banana with dark chocolate and shaved almonds. In addition, I also grabbed a pint of Ben & Jerry's frozen banana greek yogurt with peanut butter swirl.

On Saturday afternoon I went for the peach. There were not enough peaches in the cup for me to mask the flavor of the Greek yogurt. It took me about a half an hour to get through the little cup. Although I was feeling discouraged I tried the banana with chocolate and almonds. It might have been the c hocolate, but the yogurt taste was not as overwhelming. I enjoyed this one much better than the peach and would definitely repeat it. After this I was feeling pretty good about the frozen yogurt since it had a banana base and I will eat almost anything with peanut butter in it. Again, I was not disappointed. The frozen yogurt was good and will be incorporated into my diet.

Ultimately, if you want something different you have to do something different. I stepped out of my comfort zone and am hopeful that all of the changes I will ultimately incorporate will help me get to where I want to be. Today its yogurt. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Musings

Still thinking about the couple I met Friday evening. If only all relationships could have the longevity that they have. I wonder how many people they dated before getting married. Couldn't have been many. That makes it even more significant for me. Can you imagine if you had to marry the first person you kissed? . . . dated? . . . slept with? Or even the last person you did any of those things with. . .

People who celebrate their birthdays should be spoiled and get to celebrate it anyway they want. That way they don't get mad when things don't go their way. With that being said, my birthday is in 4 months and I know exactly what I want. ;-)

Saw "Ride Along" over the weekend. Thought it was good, but how many buddy cop movies can we see? Pleasantly surprised it made 42 million. Guess there will be a sequel.

Tried a new restaurant over the weekend as well. 5 Napkins. Guess they named it that because that's how many napkins you will need after eating the French fries. Not a big fan of shoestring fries. Especially greasy ones. Didn't even finish the ones that came with my order. The burger I had was good though.

Missed the games yesterday. Glad to see the Broncos going to the Super Bowl though. I predicted them and the 49ers at the beginning of the season and almost hit it exactly. Hope Peyton comes away with another Super Bowl ring.

If you like Broadway like I do I highly recommend "After Midnight". It's like going to the Cotton Club for a night of entertainment. Singing, dancing and pure entertainment. My only problem was it was too short.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Date Night

Friday's are generally date night for Panama and I. Whether it's going out to dinner or staying in and watching a movie, most Fridays are spent together. Yesterday, date night started at an old pizza spot in her old neighborhood where we got more than just a good meal.

As we approached the restaurant we saw an older couple approaching the front door. The wife was walking with a cane and the husband was struggling to get around on his own. I held the door open for them and as I was placing our order, Panama started talking to them. As it turns out, the couple was in their 80's and had been married for 62 years. They were out on a date and the restaurant was their every Friday tradition for the last 32 years. As we talked, they told us about their family; their oldest child is 61 and their youngest is 49. They have 8 grandchildren that they adore.

They also shared their secrets to both happiness and marriage. Their spirit and energy were so beautiful and brought a smile to my face. So much so that I paid for their meal. It was the least i could do for two people as beautiful as they are. In this day and age it's rare to find people who have been together that long. I'm sure their marriage isn't perfect, but knowing they have stayed in it that long brought a smile to my face.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Musings: Golden Globes

I had the kind of weekend where Monday couldn't get here fast enough. There were some good things though. The Broncos and 49ers (my pre - season) Super Bowl picks won, I had the best piece of catfish I have ever had on Saturday night at Billie's Black in Harlem and i lost two pounds so far this year. I woke up this morning with a smile on my face and ready to tackle the week ahead.

Watched most of the Golden Globes last night. Along with the Grammy ' s and the American Music Awards, this is the only awards show I care about. Here are my observations:
● I guess I need to check out "Brooklyn 99".
● I do not think Kerry Washington got snubbed. She isn't even the best actress on her show.
● I didn't like the dresses worn by Paula Patton, Zoe Santana or my white girl crushes Sandra Bullock and Julie Bowen.
● it is ironic that Modern Family's loss in the best comedy category coincides with me sudden disinterest in the show. It's still good, but it's slipping.
● Amy and Tina need to host every award show, period.
● The pregnant women (Kerry Washington and Olivia Wilde) were very classy
● Bono and George Cooney are the coolest guys in the room regardless of who else is in the room.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Motivation Check

Sometimes, when you are trying to encourage and inspire someone, they end up encouraging and inspiring you. Last night at work a patient comes in. She didn't have an appointment, she was just in the neighborhood. She has cancer and has just started chemotherapy. During the course of our conversation she was telling another co-worker and I how she was home earlier in the day and was putting her hair in a ponytail (she has long beautiful locks) when her hair fell out. Without hesitation she shaved it all off in one sitting, then took her hats off to show us her newly shaven head. At that moment, both my co-worker and I tried our best to hold back tears, but this patient just stood their in front of us with the biggest smile on her face telling us how she can't wait to grow them back and how her beauties already told her that she could reattach them when her hair starts to grow back. The smile, courage and spirit that this woman displayed made us realize that the little things that we complain about on a daily basis are trivial. This woman is standing in front of us with bigger problems than we have together and she has the biggest smile on her face. Makes you put things in perspective and definitely made me look at things differently. I was reminded last night that no matter what you are going through someone has it worst than you. Be happy with what God gives you. It could be a lot worse.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Music Makes Me High

Music is the outward expression of inward emotions. It is also the soundtrack to our lives. During the course of our days we are bound to hear a song that takes us back to a time or place in your past. Good or bad music always brings back memories. That's what happened to me this morning when "Smooth Operator" by Sade came on. The song itself doesn't have any significance, but it took me back to a beautiful night when the best of Sade was on repeat. Nights like that are few and far between these days but the memories last forever. What songs bring back fond memories for you?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Musings

This morning started out rough. Between the weather, getting to work late and and allowing a co-worker to get to me I was not in a good head space by 9am. I am working on not letting a bad moment turn into a bad day and shortly after 9 God sent and angel my way. A client of mine that I had helped out back in November came in to wish me a happy new year. She thanked me for helping her out and told me she was going to buy me a cup of coffee. That little gesture made me forget about what had previously happened in my day and removed those bad thoughts in my head. Nothing has bothered me sense.

I wonder what the Kansas City Chiefs are thinking about today. . .

Yesterday, in an attempt to enjoy reality more, I did not log into Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Funny thing is that for the most part I didn't miss it. I spent yesterday morning being productive. Paid bills and made a pan of brownies that I promised a friend as a birthday gift. After church I made dinner (imitation fried chicken stuffed with cheese, spinach and bacon with broccoli and cheesy rice and mushrooms). When I finally logged back in this morning I realized I didn't miss much. Social Media Free Sunday's might just be here to stay.

This weather is crazy. 60 today going down to a low of 8. Where they do that at? Anyway, hope you all had a good weekend and 2014 is off to a good start.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

After The Ball Dropped

They say that the way you bring the year in is a sign of how your year is going to be. If that is the case then I am in trouble. Although I was being inspired and motivated in church, my last meal of 2013 was doing a job on me inside. So much so that I spent as much time in the bathroom as I did enjoying watch night service. I barely saw midnight and was sleep before 1am. What did you do to bring in 2014?