Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Doors Of The Church Are Open.

Before last weekend, there weren't many people who had heard about Jamaal Bryant outside of the church community. Now, thanks to social media he is trending because he quoted a Chris Brown song in one of his sermons. Sadly, most of the criticism he is receiving is coming from people who watched a 20 second clip instead of the entire 35 minute sermon. After taking some time to reflect on the entire sermon and listen to the pop culture reference in its intended context, I dont have a problem with its usage. My problem is with his critics.

Most of those who criticizing are most likely hypocrites; made at the song being referenced in the sermon, butprobably have it on their iPods. Outside of the elders of the church I am sure nobody had to go home and look up the reference. Secondly, much like television and radio, if you dont like what is being said, you have options. Don't go back to the church. Don't watch the live stream. Don't tithe there anymore. . . Wait. Most of the criticsddon't even go to the church to begin with. I would love to know how many people who were there did not show up the following week. Im sure the church will go on. Thirdly, aren't "hoe's" unloyal by definition? Last I checked, their only loyalty is to themselves so anyone who felt offended might want to check themselves and if the shoe fits . . . I'm just saying. Lastly, there is actually a biblical reference that justifies the reference. Check out Procerbs 7 when you get a chance.

The worst part of this situation to me is the fact that Pastor Bryant had to take time away from his ministry to apologize. I never understood why people apologize for offending others, especially if it wasn't intentional. He said what the Lord put on his heart and served it to his congregation (and subsequently the world). Why arent we responsible enough to enjoy the meal and spit out the bones? Take the show out of it and get the message. Isnt thatthe main reason most people go to church anyway?